Beginner’s Flyball Workshop Feb 28th

*WORKSHOP LOCATED at The Playground, 5 minutes east of the city**

In conjunction with Good2Go Flyball Club, the RHS welcomes cool dogs and cool owners to their 2nd Beginner’s Flyball Workshop on Friday, Feb 28th!

Have you ever heard for the crazy sport of flyball? No –you’re in for a treat! Flyball is a full-speed canine relay race. Dogs jump over hurdles to collect a ball and return it back over the jumps to their handler. Two teams of four dogs each race against one another –fastest team wins!

Flyball is a fantastic physical and mental outlet for dogs and has a unique human team environment very rarely found in dog sports. In this workshop we’ll introduce you to the world of flyball, give you a quick demonstration and introduce you and your dog to several training exercises. This is a great way to get a taste of a fantastic sport, without needing any long-term commitment. If you and your dog have an absolute blast, stay and chat with us about continuing your flyball adventure.

 Benefits of Flyball include:

  • Building an amazing recall, even in the face of distractions
  • A focused physical outlet for your dog’s energy
  • A focused mental outlet for your dog’s energy
  • Fast-paced and FUN!
  • A bonding game for you and your dog
  • A team environment with teammates who want to see you succeed
  • One of the lowest cost dog-sports

Puppies as young as ten weeks may join, all the way up to adults. The only requirement is your dog in in good physical condition and is social with people and other dogs. Dogs of all breeds, sizes and mixes are welcome. Dogs who love to play ball and dogs who don’t fetch are equally welcome. Your dog doesn’t have to be a natural retriever to do well at flyball! Some of our best dogs never used to retrieve a ball at all! We have both small, medium and large size dogs playing.

With limited spaces, if you’d like to join us jump fast and we look forward to seeing you flying soon.

Need a little more info to understand what it’s all about, visit this handy youtube link:



The Playground

Beginner’s Flyball Workshop Feb 28th

The Playground Dog Daycare & Kennels, Trans-Canada Highway, Regina, SK, Canada

The Playground




Friday February 28, 20207:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.Beginners Flyball Workshop

2 Hour Event

18 Spaces Available