Nose Dive: Distractors

Nose Dive is our new once-a-semester Nosework workshop night, where we dive deep into a specific topic in Nosework Training.

Part lecture and part exercises, you may join as a participant with a dog, or audit the material. Dogs will be crated out of the vehicle for this workshop.

Dogs will work 3 different exercises, which can be modified for their ability. The main room will be divided into two stations, with a dog working in each. We recommend dogs who have trouble with this set-up, only audit. Maximum of six working dogs.

This semester’s topic: Distractors!

  • How to start a sniff and dismiss protocol.
  • What happens if the dog alerts on food or other distractors?
  • Observing body language differences between distractors and target odor
  • Building confidence in target odor, in the presence of distraction
  • One at a time distraction building versus flooding the distractions
  • At Home Set-Ups

Please bring a leash, high value bite-sized treats, a great attitude and a sense of humor.




Tuesday April 30, 20246:00 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.Level Up Leash Skills

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