RHS Nosework Mock Trial -Tuesday June 18th

You’re Invited to the RHS Nosework Mock Trial!

On Tuesday, June 18th, we’re having our first RHS Mock Trial in our New Building. A Mock Trial is a way to test your skills on both sides of the leash, while getting a feel for a trial environment.

We will be hosting Started, Advanced and Excellent Search Levels, with all three components: Containers, Interiors and Exteriors.

Cost is $25 / Level (all three components). Teams may elect to run two levels if they wish (6 searches total), but must pay for both levels.

We will start with Started Briefing @ 6:00 p.m. and work our way to Excellent. Start time for the other levels will depend on number of entries in each level.

Agility 101 -Saturdays @ 4:15 p.m

 *Please note this class is offered at The Playground Training Location.

For the first time in over a year, we have room for an Agility 101 offering! Our agility classes host nearly fifty people every semester, with students playing for fun or who want to eventually compete. Come start your adventure with us and get the agility bug.

Tunnels, jumps and frames -oh my! Start on your agility adventure with the RHS. This class will introduce you to agility equipment such as contacts, tunnels and jumps, as well as basic handling. Handlers need no prior agility or obedience experience, however dogs should be able to work on a loose leash in a group environment. Leash reactivity or overly disruptive behaviour is not a good fit for this class.

Dogs need to be a minimum of 5 months of age to enroll.

Puppy Play to Learn, Foundation Fun 101 or equivalent from another facility is highly recommended.

Beginner Trick Workshop – Friday June 21st

In this one hour workshop, we will work on 15+ different tricks, including but not limited to: Spin, Peek-a-Boo, Push-Ups, Read, Tell me a Secret and You’re Under Arrest!

No experience required (though having a sit and a down is helpful!) All ages of dogs and handlers welcome.

Therapy Dog Prep Seminar -Thursday July 11th

This offering of Therapy Dog Prep is being offered in a single 3 hour seminar on Thursday, July 11th from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. A seminar can be a perfect option for those who have a hard time attending a weekly offering.

Therapy Dog Prep: Therapy dogs and their handlers are in demand at hospitals, senior homes, schools and other places where dogs bring comfort to people in need. Although therapy dogs require a great social temperament, they also require a high level of training.

Every organization has their own testing to become a fully-fledged Therapy Dog. This class begins to prepare your dog for those tests.

To enter this class, your dog will already need to be:

  • At least 10 months year of age
  • Social and outgoing towards people (men, women and children)
  • Minimal jumping and/or mouthing
  • Not heavy leash pullers
  • Not reactive to other dogs

Dogs DO NOT need strong obedience skills to be excellent therapy dogs, but should have generally great manners and calmer temperaments. Dogs who show any aggression -to human or canine-, however minor, will be excused from this seminar.

Please note that this is NOT service dog training. Therapy dogs are for comforting people other than their handlers. Service Dogs are purposefully trained for their own human. This is not a suitable course for service dog training.

RHS Nosework Club -Tuesday @ 6:00 p.m.

For students who are preparing for Started/Advanced/Excellent Trialing. 

Our July/August semester will take place at Prairie Harley Davidson! Come search somewhere new this summer!

Class will start at 6:00, however dogs will be worked in 20 minute rotations. You will have three stations to work. You are welcome to come early or start later, but will be given a time for your rotation. (6:00 / 6:20 / 6:40 / 7:00 / 7:20)

Nosework Club is new to the RHS and is an affordable way to continue nosework training towards competition, or simply to continue working your dog’s brain. This class has low instruction, which reflects the price. While Lead Members will certainly help you, Nosework Club is primarily for practice scenarios.

Each dog in RHS Club must have gone through a minimum of Intro to Nosework (preferably Intermediate Nosework as well) and should at bare minimum have:

  1. Ability to Search for 2+ minutes.
  2. A strong understanding of the Pine and/or Wintergreen scents
  3. Have a Stay-at-Source Behavior started
  4. Have a Good Understanding of Using Your Leash in a Search Areas

Throughout the cold months, all classes will take place at the RHS Training Building. Through the nicer months, RHS Nosework Club will be heading to new locations to practice exteriors and confidence in searching novel areas. All dogs will get work between 2-3 searches, depending on level, area size and difficulty of search.

First dog: $70 / 6 weeks

NEW! 2nd Dog Pricing! $55 / 6 weeks. When you register your second dog, enter the coupon code “DOGTWO” and hit apply. You will see the subtraction on the page.

Foundation Fun 101 -Mondays @ 6:00 p.m.

For beginners three months of age and older. Encourage focus and partnership by playing. Learn sit, down, come, stay, loose leash walking and more with games-based training. Play your way to a well-trained dog.


Foundation Fun 101- Mondays @ 7:00 p.m.

For beginners three months of age and older. Encourage focus and partnership by playing. Learn sit, down, come, stay, loose leash walking and more with games-based training. Play your way to a well-trained dog.


Loose Leash and Recall -Mondays @ 6:30 p.m.

Please note this class takes place at Bothwell Park, in the Uplands.

This class will cover foundations and advanced training skills for Loose Leash Walking and Recall. With over 20 games to play, let’s get you enjoying your dog with two of the argubably most needed dog training skills.

Dogs of all ages, including puppies are welcome at this class.

Students will need a long-line for this class.

Intermediate Tricks -Friday June 21st @ 7:00 p.m.

This Trick Workshop is for any dog and handler team that want to learn more difficult tricks and/or work towards their Intermediate and/or Advanced Trick Dog Titles.

Some of the tricks we’ll cover in this workshops are: Walking Peek-a-Boo, Handler Circles, Leg Weaves, Crawl, Play Dead, Sustained Target, Rear Foot Target and More!

Dogs do not need to have taken Novice Tricks to take this class, however teams who have some lower level tricks already often have an easier time with the more advanced ones.