Why Train With Us?

We’ll Give you 5 Great Reasons!

An Experienced Instructor

With over seven years of experience, Emily Garland has supervised a dog daycare, instructed group classes, fostered over ninety dogs (many with minor-severe behaviour concerns) and has created and maintains the Regina Humane’s Society’s Behaviour Department for dogs with behavioural concerns. Working hands-on in day-to-day life with various breeds, histories, temperaments and motivations, she brings a wealth of experience both with rescue dogs and with every day pets. For more information about Emily’s background, read the Instructor Bio.

Class Fees Help the Shelter

All class funds go directly back into the Regina Humane Society animal shelter, helping thousands of lost, homeless, neglected and abused animals throughout the year. Your class fees include a fantastic class experience for you and help for shelter animals in need.

A Positive, Playful Curriculum

Completely positive, our classes do not involve punishment. We will teach you how to train your dog positively and help you learn to speak and play dog. Learn what do to when things go wrong in a way that is supportive of your relationship with your dog.

An Online Edge

All Regina Humane Society training classes have an accessible class forum where you can watch videos of homework skills, games and more on-line. Don’t worry about taking notes and never feel like you’ve missed out! For a sneak peak, check out our Online Edge page!

Laughter and Fun Guaranteed

When you train with fun, laughter is always in the cards. While we will teach your dog to sit, down, come, stay and more, we’re all about keeping a smile on your dog’s face and a wag in his tail. We’ll keep a spring in your step, too!