Our Instructors

Emily Garland -Regina Humane Society Education and Training Coordinator

Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge-Assessed (CPDT-KA), Certified Trick Dog Trainer (CTDI), Stunt Dog Judge (SDJ), Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

Emily is a Dog Trainer / Behaviour Specialist with over 9 years of professional experience in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

As the creator and chair of the Regina Humane Society’s Behaviour Team, Emily has been an instrumental part of developing in-shelter behaviour modification programs and outgoing transfer programs to see more dogs receive the behavioural help they need through the Regina Humane Society. Since it’s inception, the program has decreased behavioural-based euthanasia by 40%. As of April 2019, due to the growing demands of the Training Program, Emily is now running the Training Department Full-Time and has left the Behaviour Team in highly capable hands.

Despite the many classes she teaches each semester, her specialty lies in Behaviour Modification. Throughout the city, her Leash Reactivity classes in particular have become well known for helping dogs and owners live less stressful, less reactive lives. Whether through Basic, Behaviour or Sport classes her goal is a more connected, patient and playful relationship between humans and their dogs.

In her personal life Emily enjoys playing and lounging with her six dogs: two rescued Border Collie mixes, a registered Border Collie, two Jack Russell mixes, and a Miniature Cattle Dog. Previously, she was loved by a blind retired sled dog that introduced her into the world of dog behaviour and training. In between her busy work schedule and family life Emily makes time to compete in flyball, barn hunt, agility, rally-o and stunt. In March 2018 Emily and her rescued Border Collie Jinks became the first titled Canadian Stunt Dog team.