Our Instructor

Emily Garland

Regina Humane Society Behaviour and Training Coordinator

Emily is a behavior specialist/dog trainer with over 7 years of professional experience in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

As she often says, her life has gone to the dogs! Besides work in behaviour, boarding, training and daycare, Emily has fostered over ninety dogs, most with minor to severe behavioral concerns such as fear and aggression. Working hands-on with dogs of all breeds, temperaments and hurdles, she brings a varied skillset, a keen eye and a strong belief in the power of positive and playful training methods.

As Chair the Regina Humane Society’s Behaviour Department, Emily has been an instrumental part of developing in-shelter behaviour modification programs and outgoing transfer programs to see more dogs receive the behavioural help they need through the Regina Humane Society.

In her personal life Emily enjoys spending time playing and lounging with her four dogs: two rescued Border Collie mixes, a registered Border Collie and a Jack Russell mix. Previously, she was loved by a blind retired sled dog that introduced her into the world of dog behaviour and training. Outside of her shelter work Emily actively competes in agility, flyball and disc and is always on the lookout for more fun things to do with her dogs.