Upcoming Classes

Welcome to the Regina Humane Society’s Dog Training Program.

Whether you’re mastering the basics or training more difficult tasks and tricks, let us help you play your way to a well-trained dog!

Our Winter Games semester is full and underway.

Our New Year Semester, Starting January 19th, is now open for enrollment! Our schedule is as follows:

Thursdays Fridays
6:30 Intro to Nosework 6:30 Foundation Fun 101 –SMALL BREED
7:30 Foundation Fun 101 7:30 Trick Dog Champion
8:30 It’s All Tricks


Saturdays Sundays
10:30 Intro to Dog Sports -FULL 10:00 Leash Reactivity -FULL
11:30 Puppy Play to Learn 11:15 Agility 101 -FULL
1:30 Intro to Stunt Dog
3:00 Foundation Fun 101
4:00 Paws on the Floor

Advanced Dog Training Classes

After completing our beginner classes, you'll receive an unlock code to progress to our advanced classes. Advanced class enrollment is reserved for students who've completed the required beginner courses.