Upcoming Classes

Welcome to the Regina Humane Society’s Dog Training Program.

Whether you’re mastering the basics or training more difficult tasks and tricks, let us help you play your way to a well-trained dog!

July/August Classes Have Begun. Our September classes are now posted for registration 🙂

Either click on the class you would like to enrol in, or scroll through the options on this page. We hope to see you in a class this fall!

Outside with Emily Garland
Playground with Emily Garland
6:15 Foundation Fun 101 6:00 Leash Reactivity
7:15 Advanced Life Skills 7:30 Good2Go Trick Performance Group
8:30 Leash Reactivity
Outside with Karlie Butler
6:15 Rockstar Recalls
Hydeout / Outside with Emily Garland 
7:15 Wonderful Walkers 10:00 Puppy Play to Learn (Hydeout)
11:00 Foundation Fun 101 (Hydeout)
Fella & Fetch with Ashley McCall 
1:00 Intro to Rally-O (Outside)
6:45 Foundation Fun 101 2:00 Juniors Canine Club (Outside)
7:45 Puppy Socialization 3:00 RHS Trick Club! (Outside)
4:45 It’s All Tricks (Outside) *Fall Special*
Fella & Fetch with Ashley McCall 
6:00 K9 Out and About
6:45 Foundation Fun 101 -Small Breed
7:45 Foundation Fun 101
Emily Garland (Playground), Karlie Butler (Outside)
9:45 Agility 101 (Playground / Emily)
Outside with Emily Garland 
10:45 Leash Reactivity (Playground / Emily)
6:15 Intro to Nosework *Fall Special* 2:30 Wonderful Walkers (Outside / Karlie)
7:15 Advanced Nosework 3:30 Rockstar Recalls (Outside / Karlie)
4:30 Puppy Adventures! (Outside / Emily)

Advanced Dog Training Classes

After completing our beginner classes, you'll receive an unlock code to progress to our advanced classes. Advanced class enrollment is reserved for students who've completed the required beginner courses.