Course Descriptions

Just starting out? Start on the right paw.

Puppy Play to Learn: For puppies under six months of age. Our Puppy Play to Learn class is tailored for the young puppy mind. Enjoy socialization stations and learn the basics of sit, down, come and stay by playing games and learning techniques to prevent behavior problems from emerging.

Foundation Fun 101: For beginners six months of age and older. Encourage focus and partnership by playing. Learn sit, down, come, stay, loose leashing walking and more with games-based training. Play your way to a well-trained dog!

Struggling with Leash Walking? We’re here to help.

NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2017!! Wonderful Walking: for anyone struggling with pulling on leash, this specialized four-week outdoor class gives you the strategies, techniques and skills to enjoy your walks again.

Interested in Doing More with Your Dog? Come Play with Us!

It’s All Tricks: Learn 25 different tricks and work towards your first Trick Dog Title! It’s All Tricks follows the Do More with Your Dog Trick Dog Program providing students the opportunity to earn their first Trick Dog title at the end of class. Tricks covered include Spin Circles, High Five, Play Dead, Fetch, Closing a Door and more! Whether you have a young puppy or want to teach your old dog new tricks, everyone is welcome at this class.

Introduction To Dog Sports: Want to continue to play with your dog and get your feet wet in dog sports? This fast-paced class introduces students to exercises from a variety of dog sports including agility, nosework, rally-o, competitive obedience, tricks and flyball. This class is ideal to find that special sport you and your dog could love for years to come.

Interested in continuing your training journey? Join us for an Advanced Class.

Intermediate: A direct continuation from your Puppy Play to Learn or Foundation Fun 101 class, students will put their foundation training to the test with distractions, distance and more. Sit, Down, Stay and Come are challenged in news ways and new tricks and skills are introduced.

Canine Out and About: Take your training on the road with our Canine Out and About class. Each week the class will meet at a new public location to train in real-life situations. Prepare for the vet’s office, go on a group walk, visit a retail outlet and many other situations your dog may encounter.

NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017!! Advanced Tricks: If you’ve graduated from It’s All Tricks and just can’t get enough of learning cool new moves, join us for our follow-up Tricks class. Learn 25 all new, cooler, more advanced Tricks including Crawl, Discern Objects by Name, Pick a Card from a Deck, Cross Paws, Says Your Prayers, Ride a Skateboard and More! Students will have the chance to earn their Intermediate -and maybe even Advanced- Trick Dog Titles at the end of this class!

Read more about classes offered in the upcoming session.