The Online Edge

Taking Training to the Web

Have you taken courses in the past and struggled to write down notes or forgot what the instructor said once you got home? Never face that struggle again. All Regina Humane Society training classes have an accessible class forum where you can watch videos of homework skills, games and more on-line. With dozens of video exercises that you can slow down and re-watch at any time, your instructor is only a mouse-click away.

Upon sign-up, you will receive a login and password for your class. New material is updated every week, so whether you miss a class, need help with a certain exercise or  a refresher, you can feel at ease knowing The Online Edge of your class is always available.

Do you have a strange schedule? Find making class time difficult? Have a dog that isn’t comfortable in a group class? Do you want a great training experience regardless of the obstacles you have to training?

Coming Soon: On-line Only Training Classes!

Reap the benefits of our in-person class, with all the knowledge, exercises and games of our Play to Learn Curriculum, from the comfort of your living room. Check back for more details.